Supporting effective growth and change

“When no one else could reach our daughter’s sense of self-worth, Merryl did. With a truly unique blend of sensitivity, experience, and professionalism, Merryl gave her the chance to open up her own heart to the creative process in a safe and loving environment.  When traditional talk therapy felt to our unhappy girl like a brutal invasion of privacy, when “talking about her feelings” was far too difficult and uncomfortable, our daughter found in Merryl a nonjudgmental and intuitive guide–someone who could gently take her by the hand and lead her to a form of self-expression that was both honest and deeply satisfying. Merryl has a gifted ability to find and advocate for the positive and wonderful person hiding within a troubled soul. It is a gift we will be forever grateful for as we watch our daughter progress beyond the unhappiness that used to surround her.”
-V.S. and B.C., parent of teenage client

“Merryl helped me to gain the confidence that I needed to become an individual. She also helped me to let go of my fear of rejection through expressing myself through art. I love her and thank her for her help everyday.”
-E.C., Age 16 (daughter of the above)

“My time working with Merryl has been extremely beneficial on so many levels.  She creates a warm and understanding atmosphere where I feel comfortable discussing life issues, even when those issues are painful and difficult.  She has taught me coping skills and relaxation techniques that include both mind and body.  She respects my religious and cultural beliefs and integrates them into our work.  Her encouragement has kept me afloat during a time of major family crisis.”
-A.E., 34 yrs

“If I were a plant, Merryl was my water and sun. If I was falling, she was my parachute. If I were paper, she was the pencil, and if I was a pencil, she was my lead. But I am me and Merryl helped.”
-A.B., Age 10

“I felt at ease immediately with Merryl.  After just the first session I felt like she had a sense of what direction would be best for us to move in and we started. In the time I have been with her I feel my mental health care dollars are being well spent! She quickly grasped my current needs and we began working, making progress after the first session. Being in the mental health profession myself I greatly appreciate her expertise in many different modalities and her genuine concern for my well being.”
-K.H.Z., Age 54

“I’m so grateful to Merryl for her loving, patient approach to therapy.  She has helped me awaken the connection I have to my heart, which in turn is helping re-form my life from chaos into the happy, healthy one she has helped me discover. Merryl has great insight and is always gentle with her approach.  She is kind, friendly, and I always feel cared for and listened to in her presence. ”
-S.P., Age 34

“Merryl is amazing! She can teach you and she can help anyone! She is very, very responsible, unique, brave, beautiful, and creative with her ways of doing things!”
-B.C., Age 9

“Merryl is absolutely the salt of the earth.  I have looked for a therapist/counselor off and on over the past 20 years or so.  I never ever felt comfortable with any therapist until I walked into Merryl’s office.  Truly, from the first minute I met her I knew that I found my therapist!!!  Merryl has helped me personally and also with challenges with my family.  She has put every one of us at ease and as soon as you meet her you know that you can trust her.  I have recommended Merryl’s services to many people and would recommend her again in a heartbeat!  She truly is a gem!”
-K.C., Age 41

“I would recommend Merryl Rothaus to anyone. Through working with her, I have been able to work through issues that seemed bigger than me for most of my life. Therapy with Merryl gets to the real core of an issue and through working with her, I have been able to find real healing. I have also developed the skills to take what we do in therapy out into the world, so overall I feel like I am expressing the whole vibrant person I have always known that I was inside, and sharing that with the world.”
-L.G., Age 21

“Merryl isn’t just a therapist. She is a visionary! She holds the space for me to do the work that I need to do to integrate all of the parts of me that have been split off, repressed, knocked back, silenced and lonely. The way she speaks their names is so beautiful that they can’t help but come out and play! The unconditional love and strength she offers me has melted a lot of my anger and fear. The biggest thing she has brought to me is myself! I now know how to love myself in the midst of confusion, anger, fear, envy, depression, overwhelm. I can stay in my body and love myself as my emotions rise and fall. Thanks to Merryl, I am not willing to leave myself any longer.  I have done some of the deepest work with Merryl because she has such an incredible way of attuning herself to me. She holds the vision of my wholeness for me to step into.  She sees the gifts in my shadow aspects long before I can, and she waits patiently for me to step into my best future. She is a very fluid healer—she stands ready to comfort me in my sadness and vulnerable places, and in the next minute, she is ready to cheer me on in my personal triumphs. Merryl helps me to make space for all of myself exactly the way I am, moment to moment. I experience her as a fierce and loving healer, deeply in touch with her essential nature. I am deeply grateful for Merryl’s loving presence and her phenomenal skill as an art therapist, Hakomi practitioner and psychotherapist. I don’t know what I would do without her!
-L.O. Age 38

“As a provider of mental heath services I have admired what Merryl added to my patient’s care. She is thoughtful, wise and patient as people’s expression develops. People feel safe and alive working with Merryl which is among the most life-changing services anyone can provide for another.”
-A.V.D., 44yrs

“Merryl is an extremely gifted therapist that has taught me what it is to handle myself with love and kindness, to live in the present, to be mindful of my thoughts, feelings and emotions and most importantly allowed me to see and learn that I can handle whatever comes my way.  The authentic and heartfelt approach she brings to her sessions is a cherished attribute that will enable a person to move beyond what they ever thought was possible for themselves.”

-J.O., Age 34

“Merryl exudes warmth, caring, inspiration, motivation and insight. She is also sincere, enthusiastic, loving and creative about instilling artistic healing in her clients.”
-M.N., Age 54

“With Merryl, I felt so comfortable and safe while exploring places that maybe aren’t so comfortable and safe. Merryl has a true gift with empathy, gentleness, complete and total awareness and intuition while being strong and confident in her guidance and delivery. She has a true gift at “seeing” and creating a safe place to show-up and do work. She helped me to feel strong.”
-M.O., Age 31

“Each and every one of Merryl’s clients will be blessed to work with her. She truly has a gift.  I feel more connected to myself that I have been in years.
-B.W., Age 30

“Working with Merryl has exposed me not only to the ways that art can immediately take you deep within yourself, but she has also guided me to appreciate new ways of knowing that are grounded in bodily awareness.  The process of art-making with Merryl has been exciting, fun, supportive, and surprisingly accurate – each session I created something without forethought or planning, and was repeatedly amazed by how intimately my pieces spoke to me.  The  body-centered therapy work was a completely new experience for me, and the power I felt from being in tune with my body’s knowledge has guided me in difficult decisions since our session. One of the things I appreciate most about working with Merryl is how she explains each medium she offers you and helps you explore and understand the art product, the process, and yourself.  It’s definitely been a privilege to work with her!
-M.G., Age 28

“Between sessions, I must be in her thoughts because when we meet, she is prepared for me. She invites me into an       environment that accepts me where I am. She encourages me to breathe facilitating peaceful reconciliation with all my parts.”
-M.B., 60 years old

“Merryl exudes warmth, caring, inspiration, sincerity and motivation and has helped me gain a lot of  individual insight in the creative process and with myself.
-M.N., 58 years old

“I felt so comfortable and safe while exploring places that maybe aren’t so comfortable and safe. Merryl has a true gift with empathy, gentleness, complete and total awareness and intuition while being strong and confident in her guidance and delivery. I felt like as we continued our sessions she understood me well and what I was articulating and was able to incorporate methods and principles that I could relate to and see value in. Merryl has a true gift at “seeing: and creating a safe place to show-up and do work.
-B.N., Age 30